Donald Trump Is A Dangerous, Wounded Animal

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I’m waiting for the tweetstorm to start. It’s 6:00am in Washington DC, and after what happened yesterday, Donald Trump is sure to be in a rage. He’ll be bursting with bitterness and hatred and he won’t be able to stop himself. He’ll lash out at the Democrats, at Republicans who’ve let him down, at Hillary, at Obama. He’ll call the mainstream media “fake news” and crow about the size of his inauguration audience and how he really won the popular vote.

On this particular morning, he’ll be furious that CNN or The Washington Post or the New York Times have just released some new breaking story that further incriminates Trump and the members of his campaign in the unfolding Russian election hacking scandal, but it could just as easily be any day in America in 2017. Tomorrow it will be something different. Someone in the White House will leak another damaging story to the press or someone will publish a new, rambling interview with the President where he exposes his complete and total lack of knowledge and understanding of anything even remotely related to running a country or some court somewhere will nullify another of his unconstitutional executive orders.  He’ll wake with indignant fury in his heart, and no matter how much his numerous handlers and enablers try to stop him, he just won’t be able to control his itchy Twitter fingers.

Make no mistake, my friends, Donald Trump is on the ropes and his disastrous presidency is crumbling around him. I will be very surprised if he makes it to the end of the year without resigning or being forced from office. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is very good news. The sooner this racist, misogynistic, homophobic abomination of a presidency ends, the better. The day Trump leaves office or is kicked out, I will be in the streets (with millions of others, I wager) dancing my ass off in celebration. I have been sober for over twenty years but when our own orange Caligula is finally gone, I just may have to make a goddamn toast to his welcome demise. The problem is that now that Trump is one small boot in the ass away from being kicked to the curb, he’s never been more dangerous.

Trump is a wounded animal that has been backed into a corner and has no way out.

The net of his collusion with Russia is closing quickly around him and in the very near future there will be no escape. The truly frightening thing is that we all know Trump is an agent of chaos and incompetence. He is capable of any despicable thing at any moment. If he thinks he is going down, he is not going to go quietly. He will take the entire country down with him in his desperate attempt to save his own neck. He will do what he does best. He’ll lie and lie and lie and attack and attack and attack. There is speculation he could fire Jeff Sessions or Robert Mueller and try to derail the investigation into his ties to Vladimir Putin. Possibly the only thing that could save his presidency now will be a war with Korea. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what an unmitigated disaster that would be. It will be shocking if Trump doesn’t bomb some city in America and try to blame it on ISIS.

One thing we know he will do for certain is attempt to rile up his rabid base of deplorables. They are all he has at this point and they are shrinking every day. There was a perfect example this week when, between rambling, disgusting, unhinged speeches to the Boy Scouts of America and this country’s law enforcement professionals, he tweeted out a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. He claims he made this decision after consulting with the military but the military says that never happened. In fact, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were so surprised by the move that they believed at first that Trump might be declaring war on another country. No, this was a desperation move designed to keep his cult following on his side. Trump supporters, for some reason, despise transgender Americans almost as much as they hate liberals and immigrants. They are terrified of sharing a bathroom with one and are very fond of declaring, with absolutely zero scientific evidence, that a person’s gender at birth is the gender they are stuck with whether or not it fits the person they are inside and that transgenderism is nothing but a mental illness. This coming week, I am sure, he will tweet some unmitigated twaddle about Muslims or Mexicans or same-sex couples.

What I’m telling you is this-keep up the pressure. Now is the time to get out into the streets and demand that this most damaged, demented and detestable of human beings be forced from the office he doesn’t deserve and, in all likelihood, didn’t win without the help of Russian meddling. Speak out and speak up. Demand that Congress grow a backbone and stand up at last to our illegitimate leader. Resist, my friends, resist, in whatever ways, large and small, that you possibly can resist. At the same time, however, keep your eyes and ears open. Donald Trump is bloody and beaten and on his last legs but when a wild, immoral animal is this badly damaged and this close to death, it’s capable of anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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