Let Me Touch You In All The Places


Let me touch you
in the places where forgiveness lives

on the temple
on the shoulder
on the chest

Let me caress the curves
of your compassion
Let my fingers glide
up the hills and
down the valleys
of your calm

Say my name and that you love me
in that downy voice that spills
from that mouth

that mouth

I want to kiss, yes
let me kiss you

in the garden where wisdom grows

on your backbone
on your lips
on your toes

Let me woo the well
of your intelligence
Let my tongue explore
all the highways and
the byways
of your wit

Tell me the stories of the scars
that are written in rough hieroglyph
on your body

your body

that I want to hold, yes
let me embrace you

in the womb where love is born

in thighs and ankles
around the waist
and in the eyes Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Max Mundan has been many places and seen many things that the vast majority of people have not. He does not recommend that you seek a firsthand knowledge of these things yourself.

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