I Will Love You In All Of Your Forms

Matheus Ferrero
Matheus Ferrero

If you were
the stars above
then I would compose ballads
to your brightness
and write epics
about your shimmering beauty
leading me
from the darkness of my past
into the light
of a new day

but you are not
the stars above

You are fragile
You are meat
and your light will go out
while the stars above
still linger to mock
my need

If you were
a waterfall
I would bathe myself
in your redeeming cool
and drink deep of
your replenishing nectar
restoring life and health
to my feeble flesh
and my spindly bones

but you are not
a waterfall

You are dirt
You are earth
and I want you
under my fingernails
and clinging in rich clumps
to my skin

If you were
a poem
I would construct
delicate metaphors
to describe your magnificence
and formulate verses in tribute
to your gossamer essence
gracing my character
like the celestial kiss
of an angel

but you are not
a poem

You are real
You are you
You are hurt and heartbreak
and tragedy and triumph
and broken promises and compassion
and laughter
Your facets are complex
yet you are not a diamond

You are my love
and I would not have you
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