I Want To Wake Up With You, At The End Of Time

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

When our bodies
are so tightly entangled
that I can feel your pulse
the rush of your blood
the beat of your heart
ba-dump ba-dump
against my skin
and taste your gentle breath
as you exhale in morning sleep
these are the moments I live for

When you soft breasts
are pressed against my chest
and I can smell
the places you’ve been
the people you’ve met
and with the tips of my fingers
still register
the seismic echo
of the earthquake of you
this is the place I want to be

Let the world
go to hell around us
Let the thunder crash
and the lightning strike
Let the priests and the pastors
tell their happy lies
and let the politicians
sell their selfish, empty ones
Whether this world dies
with a whimper or a bang
as long as you are in my arms
your lungs filling up with air
in unison with mine
then I can say
I have truly lived
and I can die
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