It Has Always Been You

Alex Jodoin
Alex Jodoin

We have danced along each other’s borders
since before we were born, your eyes
calling to me, between dimensions,
with gentle whispers of greenish-blue.

My body has been waiting impatiently
for your touch to bring it alive,
for your kiss to chisel away
the volcanic rock encircling my heart.

It has always been you
that I’m searching for, yearning for,
lusting after, dreaming of
and begging for

Please let it be you.
Please let it be you.
Please let it be you.
Let me find
you, among all of the billions
who have nothing for me
but cold stares and derision,
let me find

With one look you will know
what I’ll never show
to anyone else
but you.

There has never been a single moment
you have not been a beacon
lighting my path.

You have always been
the song in my heart.
I just didn’t know
the words.

I just didn’t know
it was you.

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