Cheap Motel Room Blues


Your distinctive aroma lingers on me
on my chest, in my hair
on my dick
all over my dick
There is little chance
that she will fail to notice
I must find a place
to wash what’s left of you from me
to erase your memory
before I go home
to her

Lying next to her in bed
feeling the expectant heat
of her body pressing mine
there is so much to say
to you
to you
only to you
for her I have nothing
but disappointment and excuses
lies, lies, so many lies
Life can be so cruel
sometimes I can be so cruel

Does getting my needs met
always mean
that someone else
has theirs
ripped away?

Another day, another room
and you
wet, warm and willing
We shed our guilt and our shame
just like our clothes
and leave them lying on the floor
in careless piles
Only later, when we part ways
will we pick them up again
to wear under our garments
like a hair shirt

I want to dress you up
in trappings and shrouds
knit out of stars
I pulled down from the sky
but all I have to give you
is my sweat
and my cum
and my apologies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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