Here’s Why You Need To Pass Your Point Of No Return

Joshua Ness
Joshua Ness

Every time you commit to a certain thing you put yourself on the trajectory towards a specific destination and move gradually along the path, bypassing other destinations in the process.

However, it is not always easy to choose the right path and be sure that it follows the right route. In most cases you keep drifting along lazily in no particular direction with the current of your life.

Eventually, you can end up asking yourself where the heck you have arrived at.

Until you find your path, you will never be able to make an impact you were meant to have. The eternal jumping between different activities will not take you far from the place you are now. Moreover, it will never let you enjoy the life you would like to live.

When it comes to big decisions, there is no room for a haste. Nonetheless, it is vital for you to get your goals clearly defined. The sooner you can do this, the sooner you can start the journey towards your dreams.

Stop floating along. Take a break and imagine the life you would love to live.

Begin with the end in mind. Visualize yourself a few decades older. Sketch the sum total of your ideal life. Imagine all the things you want to accomplish and dreams to fulfill. If you can do this successfully you can actually narrow the path, avoiding all the distractions and errors you could make otherwise.

Listen to your heart. Probably you already do something that excites you the most. However, it has always been far from the major priority of your life. Nonetheless, it might still be the only thing that is going to make you happy.

Prioritize your ambitions and get it crystal clear which of them are worth investing you time and passion in. Having defined your goals, it is time to commit yourself to them. This is exactly where you are going to pass your point of no return. This is the point when you stop drifting along and start moving confidently towards your ambitions.

The reason why you need to take this crucial step is important for you to hear, and it will become the key to finally committing yourself to the most desirable aspirations. The reason is that you will become unstoppable.

Right after you take one step over your point of no return you become unstoppable.

It means there is no way you will ever deviate from this path and give up. You will tackle all the issues and slay your fears along the way. You will be more confident: you will never doubt yourself again and will have a firm belief in your own strengths.

Very soon you will notice how focused and committed you are. There will be no room in your life for distractions and trivial things that do not matter for your goals anymore.
An important feature of the segment of your path that starts right after the point of no return is that you are not a beginner anymore. You treat yourself as professional. You act as professional.

The thing you decide to commit to cease to be a hobby. It becomes the major sense of your life. Time when you used to call yourself an amateur is gone. Now you accept huge challenges and intend to achieve great victories.

The success is inevitable. Because you will be able to approach it with huge leaps. Your passion and dedication will make you believe that the things will work out and you will succeed no matter what it takes to get there. The reason is because you are unstoppable now.

Passing your point of no return means you will be the only one who takes control over your life and destiny. And be sure your devotion and hard work will soon become the foundation and strong prerequisites for massive wins.

Be bold enough to pass your point of no return. Become unstoppable and very soon you will be reaping huge awards for your fruitful work. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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