To Achieve What You Want, You Have To Learn To Slow Down

Damien Zaleski
Damien Zaleski

The contemporary world forces us to move as fast as never before. It seems like the velocity is extremely high and there is no time to hit a pause and take a breath.

No doubt the bar is that high, that you need to constantly move ahead and grow if you are not willing to be left behind. This might be a right way to act. This pace literally invites you to take a part in the game and step on the fast track. It is extremely difficult to resist this temptation and not to accept the challenge.
Despite the fact that the beginning is not likely to be tough, it might turn out to be difficult to keep up the momentum and stay on the winning streak later.

When you accelerate too much, you try to do everything and be everywhere at the very same moment. New projects, new skills, networking and growth. You try to take every single opportunity you have and eventually accelerate even more.

While moving on the fast lane, usually you have to make important decisions in a hurry as well. However, since you do not have enough time to consider every single choice properly, very often you rely on your emotions and act in accordance with the current mood.

Embrace the truth: Decisions based on emotions are not decisions. These are instincts.

They can be valuable, but usually too irrational. Shortly after hasty decisions you can get yourself regretting about mistakes you have made.

These mistakes can eventually cost you much time, money and negative emotions. These mistakes can cost your lost momentum and lowered motivation. In some cases, huge mistakes can totally destroy your progress and force you to restart your journey.

In the mode of chasing your big goals you are likely to face tough turbulence and become more vulnerable to exogenous shocks. A tiny mistake can cost you results achieved over years.

From the first sight it might seem to be a good idea to accelerate even more in order to pass the turbulence zone quickly. However, this is not going to work out.

Although, the secret of more consistent and rapid growth may appear paradoxical, it actually lies in the art of slowing down.

You must slow down to achieve more.

Slow down to minimize the negative effect of turbulence. Reduce the speed and take some time to analyze your mistakes and consider thoroughly your further actions and steps.

Being unstoppable does not always mean being fast. Very often in order to achieve more growth you need to decrease a speed and take a break. You need a break to get all the dots connected and get the things settled down in your mind.

Use this break to define clearly the goals you want to achieve. Visualize your path towards them. Acknowledge the errors you have made and learn from your mistakes. Take into account all the obstacles you are likely to face along your way in the future.

If you can do this successfully, you can actually build a more solid foundation for further development.
Slow down whenever you feel you need a break. Slow down before the next huge leap. Slow down to achieve more! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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