The One Simple Strategy To Always Making The Right Decisions

Rhianon Lassila
Rhianon Lassila

Our lives consist of decisions. Daily, routine choices.

We have to decide where to go, what to eat, what to say. Every single day we face issues of different kind and have to choose between various options.

Whereas the decisions regarding trivial things are not likely to affect the trajectory of your life, there are choices and actions that do leave a trace.

Nonetheless, you should be totally aware of the fact that your every choice matters. You make a decision to commit to certain things. You cannot have everything and be everywhere at the very same time. Moreover, you are not likely
to go one way and eventually land somewhere the opposite direction.

While pursuing a certain goal, you put yourself on the trajectory towards a specific destination and move gradually along the path, bypassing other destinations in the process.

By saying yes to one thing, you instantly say no to another one.

When it comes to big decisions, there is no room for a haste. Before showing your commitment towards certain things and departing for the next enthralling trip of your life, sit down, take a deep breath and think. Consider the options you have and appreciate them respectively.

Clarity does really matter. Define your goals before you take the first step and start moving towards them. Make sure you have a clear vision of how you are going to live your life and what kind of person you would like to become.

Begin With The End In Mind.

Sketch the sum total of your ideal life. Visualize yourself a few decades older. Imagine all the things you want to accomplish and dreams to fulfill. If you can do this successfully you can actually narrow the path, avoiding all the distractions and errors you could make otherwise.

Then you can make every single decision in a more informed way based on the desired outcome you wish to achieve.

Every time you are going to make a choice and commit to certain thing, ask yourself whether it fits well the life you would like to live.

Choose the pathway that will take you exactly to the hoped-for destination. All the unnecessary deviations will only hold you back and slow down your way towards your aspirations.

It is crucial to be involved in things that matter for your goals and objectives. Bear in mind the result you are willing to attain. Think about the finish line and how you cross it.

This will help you make a right choice and channel all your energy and passion into the proper direction.
The velocity you approach your goals with solely depends on your decisions. It depends on how correct the choices that you make are. It depends on how efficiently you allocate the time you have.

Make sure you do not waste your most precious asset, namely time, on distractions and trivial issues. Do not let unnecessary matters hinder your progress or take you further from new accomplishments.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped — Tony Robbins

Your decisions today is your biography tomorrow. Let them be right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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