I Don’t Need To Hear You Say ‘I Love You’ For Me To Feel It

Flickr / Alex
Flickr / Alex

Love. You like to throw that word around. Maybe you like how it sounds leaving your tongue. Or is it that you have been conditioned to say it to every girl you know for more than five minutes…. Whatever it is, I’m sure that you don’t know the meaning of love. Neither do I and that is okay. However, I do have some opinions on what I think love should be.

To me, love is in the little things. I don’t need the words if you can show me that you love me. How do you do that? Details, darling. Details. Listen to what I say and what I don’t. Remember the bits and pieces of myself that I show you. Actively seek me out. Want to spend time with me. Actively seek me out. Find a way around my excuses. Realize that I am just scared and it has nothing to do with you. Be patient with me. Make me feel wanted, needed.

I will not promise that after you do all that it will be smooth sailing for you. It won’t be. I will test you, knowingly and unknowingly. I will want to reassure myself that I made the right decision when I let you steal my heart. I find it hard to trust, you see, and for me that is what can make me love you.

I have been hurt and disappointed before by men that said they loved me and didn’t prove it. Men that thought I would be so happy I would do anything for them. How wrong they were!

Love is hard work. It is messy and complicated. It doesn’t care that your life is chaotic and that a relationship is the last thing you need, it will bulldoze its way into your life. Love is not just sweet nothings; it is saying something sweet even when life has you by the balls. Love is knowing my second name, and hoping you will stick around long enough to finish my sentences.

Love me like you do. Tell me that you love me. Words are not enough, though. Prove it to me. Otherwise, you are in a perfect position to watch me leave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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