I’m Sorry, But Texting Is Actually Killing Our Connections

Gilles Lambert
Gilles Lambert

Not everyone is going to agree with this, but the tendency and dependence upon being in constant communication with our significant other via text has become the downfall of our generation’s great love stories. No love story ever started with, “and then he texted me ‘how’s your day going.” Now, let me explain where I am going with this and just take a moment to think about it before you critique my thoughts on texting.

I constantly find myself in a furious state of answering or hearing the questions, “Do you guys text everyday,” or, “Did he text you,” or, “Has he texted you since you saw him?” Pretty much people define relationships by how quickly and how often someone communicates via text.

I am sorry; but there is nothing exciting about constantly filling your significant other in on the mundane activities you are doing all day long. Does he need to know that I am watching The Office on Netflix at work? No. What happens to actually be exciting is getting to know someone through face to face contact, or physical contact… *wink*

Our generation has found a way to conclude that if a guy or girl isn’t constantly texting you the value of your relationship is seriously diminished. However with that said I want people to reflect on their closest friendships. Do you have to text them 24/7, every detail of your life? No. In my current life I fill my friends, family, and significant other in on the important tidbits that I feel are necessary, because otherwise we would have absolutely nothing to discuss when we see each other face to face.

Being a female in 2016 is challenging enough, however now we have the added element of waiting for a guy to text us and constantly living in fear of all these arbitrary texting rules. Has anyone ever thought about picking up a phone?

My very good friend had a lovely evening with a guy and the next day you know what he did?

He called her.

They heard each other’s voices and didn’t have to use smiley emojis to talk about what a great time they had. Yes, I do agree that an occasional text is appropriate and nice especially if you don’t see each other often. But (on that note) then how much more meaningful is it when someone reaches out if you haven’t been talking every second?

On the flip-side, when you spend every second texting and suddenly there is silence, panic ensues. I really see no value in constantly talking, but I see plenty of value in a man who texts a respectful amount to show they care, but not so much as to simply form a relationship through clicking your fingers on a phone.

There are two things about my personal relationships I value the most:

1. They are not based on constant communication, but instead the ability to have new exciting conversations in person so that we can learn to value each other when we are together.

2. Nobody ever expects me to respond…because they know I don’t text 24/7.

Try a relationship without texting every minute and I ensure you it will make the whole thing more special. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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