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If Caring Is Crazy, I’m The Craziest Of Them All

It took me a long time to understand confusing emotions and I can’t say that I always know what I want, but I do know that trying to play games and acting like you don’t care normally hurts more than being honest with yourself.

I Still Want You To Care

A part of me knows deep down that you feel the same, but a part of me also second guesses everything because of your silence. A part of me knows we made a mistake, but a part of me thinks you didn’t think it was one. A part of me knows that you are talking to someone else and assuming I am too, but a part of me wonders if you know I wish it was you.

I Want To Stay Single, But I’m Falling Hard For This One Guy

I’ve always said I don’t want a boy, but I wouldn’t stop myself if I started liking someone. I have consequently started liking someone and in turn I am just as shocked about it as I feel threatened by it. It is such a strange concept feeling like you want to be with someone, but simultaneously feeling your independence threatened. 

He Controlled Me, But I Would Never Be His

It’s not entirely anything I can explain. It was something about him that possessed some wave of control over my mind. He wasn’t the kind of guy who had everything I was looking for, he was missing almost all the checks and balances.

Why Won’t You Date Him?

It is in fact true and I hate to say it, but anyone can meet someone else or be intimate with someone at any stage in a relationship whether there is a title attached or not, it’s just whether we label it as cheating or not. It hurts either way if you care about someone.