To The Guy Who Didn’t Appreciate Her When He Had The Chance

I bet you never thought you’d receive a written response for all of things you did to her. Most of all, I bet you really didn’t expect it from me.

In all honesty, she told me not to do it. She told me to let it go. Because she’s kind and compassionate like that. But this is my idea. My attempt at coming at you straight. Man to man. Adult to adult.

Fuck you.

I’m not exactly sure what or who taught you that a girl was a toy, disposable and replaceable. I’m not exactly sure who told you that it was fair game to manipulate her wants and needs and somehow morph them into some sick, twisted version that left you satisfied and left her constantly questioning what she did wrong when you didn’t text or call back.

I’m not exactly sure who told you it was okay to make her feel like she wasn’t worth taking pictures with or introducing your friends to or even telling people close to you that she existed. I’m not exactly sure why you’d only call her late at night when you were too insecure and immature to be a real man that finds the beauty in courtship, romance, and love.

However, I honestly don’t care. Because I will never speak to you, I will never give you the time of day, and I will never be okay with how you made her feel.

But, all of that aside, you know what this is really about? It’s a letter of gratitude. It’s an honest expression of true and sincere thankfulness.

Because of you, I finally met her. The one that is permanent and irreplaceable. The one who’s needs and wants are constantly on my mind because mine are on hers. The one who I get to lose my breath over, look at, and call “beautiful, stunning, sexy” and actually mean every sense of the words. The one who I’m proud to be seen with. The one who I can’t wait to show off to my friends, family, and everyone in between. The one who deserves the fullness of what real love actually consists of. The one that deserves flowers just because.

The one that deserves to be listened to and consoled when she has a bad day. The one who deserves to be kissed goodnight and not have to worry about if she’s “playing the game” correctly. The one who deserves to always be told she’s beautiful even when she feels like she’s not the best version of herself.

The one that deserves everything that is better than you.

I truly hope you understand that you had it all. Everything. And you can bet with everything that you are, to your bones, your very core, that she’ll never have to question the way that I feel about her.

She’ll never have to settle for someone like you.

In closing, thank you. Thank you so abundantly much for being the asshole that you are.


The guy she really deserves. TC mark


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