Alternative Scene From The Coming Doomsday

[vimeo 19717170 w=622 h=380]

Maybe you’ve heard, Saturday is doomsday. Family Radio founder Harold Camping says so, though his Judgment Day math has been wrong in the past. Regardless, Family Radio’s publicist Tom Evans is working the angle hard, hoping for the worst. To mock such a terrible prediction, however, feels a bit like tempting fate. What if Camping and his sandwich-board believers have insider knowledge on Armageddon? It would mean we’d all be dead by the end of the weekend, and that would be a disappointment.

After watching this short film from Encyclopedia Pictura, titled “Tactical Advantage,” I began imagining alternative scenarios for this Saturday’s end-of-time inaugural. Watching an all-knowing/all-seeing God lord over his kingdom with a hunting rifle isn’t a far stretch considering the power he’s purported to wield. With Harp Girl at his side, playing sweet music and occasionally eyeballing sinners with her binoculars, it made me wonder if Camping’s true believers might have the wrong impression of the bearded one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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