Meme Meltdown: Rebecca Black’s Friday in Hell

As the Rebecca Black saga continues to run its course, critical mass looms. Like any respectable meme, parodies and remixes have helped push “Friday” (74 million views!) into the Annals of Internet Infamy. But for the most part, such tributes have been forgettable. This remix by Cynical Mass, however, aptly transforms Black’s $4000 vanity track into a masterful audio-visual creepout. If anything, this remix proves that Black is capable of providing rich source material for other artists. All that remains now is the teen’s exile into cultural obscurity. But something tells me that may never come to pass. TC mark

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  • Michael Kramer

    good job

    you posted something you found on the internet with a paragraph of commentary

    next time post something decent.

    • Kia Etienne

      whoa, asshole alert!
      do the world a favor and get out of your mom's basement long enough to notice that nobody likes douchebags.


    74 million is also the number of people who voted for the last American Idol.

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