Masters of Non-Reality: Rock ‘N’ Roll Fever Dream

Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll comics from the 90s, the comic books that chronicled the booze- and drug-fueled debauchery of bands like Guns N RosesMötley CrüeVan Halen,  and Metallica? The comics were unlicensed/unauthorized biographies characterized by abysmal artwork (I remember that James Hetfield looked like a transvestite version of himself; David Lee Roth a Botox-injected aerobics instructor) and an emphasis on drugs and nudity. They were controversial for a minute, mainly because anything to do with hair metal, heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, or glam metal was go-to freakout material for parents and media types in the gravy days of the late 1980s and early 1990s (Remember the PMRC? It was kind of a big deal, then it wasn’t). The comics were sort of like Metalocalypse, except they weren’t supposed to be funny.

Anyhow, the other night I stumbled upon this Black Sabbath parody cartoon from Robert Smigel’s short-lived TV Funhouse show on Comedy Central, and it reminded me of Rock ‘N’ Roll comics. Not because it was unintentionally funny, but because it lacked any humor at all. Which is, it turns out, a terrible introduction: Watch this video, you’ll hate it.Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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