Oprah’s Screams Heard Round the World

Oprah’s obsession with screaming is rivaled only by her doppelganger Harpo’s obsession with cold hard cash. It’s a joke beyond expiration. Saturday Night Live gave Oprah Scream its funeral back in the early Aughts. But seeing it in action is altogether different. It makes you wonder if she ever watches herself. If she sees what’s happening on screen and just says, “Looks great, broadcast it to the world.” While the editing in this video comp could use some tweaking for dramatic effect, it features a fairly blistering cross section of Oprah’s screamfests from the last decade or two. If I had any say, I would never have ended on Oprah with a mouthful of Daniel Day Lewis, but the Internet doesn’t always make sense. TC mark


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    Rosa Garcia It's amazing how spending just 2 hrs with the most positive woman in the world can lift your spirits this high
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    Beatriz Garcia Oprah?

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