Attack of Hollywood: Space Invader Gets a Ticket

Not all videos of world-renowned street artists feature death-defying feats of vandalism. In this clip, Space Invader scales the hillside near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. We see him applying construction adhesive to a small ceramic tile ‘Invader’ piece and sticking it to one of the steel uprights. As he works, a voice booms from a speaker atop the hill, announcing that the L.A. City Park Rangers are monitoring his activity. Invader continues while his companion, Mr. Brainwash, grows impatient and begins to whine. Cue the helicopter circling overhead, informing them of the proper way to exit the area. A citation is issued to Space Invader, and nobody gets beaten. It’s obvious why this footage was cut from Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop. TC mark


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  • Bensaucier

    Tax dollars! Really they needed a helicopter…

    • Anonymous

      must be something about adhesive squares with pixellated figures on them

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