Maxime Luère’s A Life on Facebook

[vimeo 16691850 w=622 h=350]

Maxime Luère‘s short film, A Life On Facebook, tells the accelerated life story of Alex Droner. Through the stream of information on his Facebook profile we see him accumulate friends and photos, fall in and out of love, and eventually grow old and logout. Whether Luère chose the last name Droner to be symbolic of how Facebook sometimes feels is unclear, but viewing a man’s life in status updates imbues a certain sense of despair. Maybe that’s what he intended, to draw attention to the cold digital landscape that social networking can create. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Editor’s Update: The video was removed from the Internet due to copyright infringement from ABKCO, the independent record label who owns the rights to the song used: Rolling Stones – Paint it Black.

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