We Can’t Be Together, But Damn I Want You

Ryan Pouncy
Ryan Pouncy

I see you, everyday I see you.

We walk the same halls, laugh at the same jokes, and pretend that we don’t have an animalistic desire to fuck each other in the bathroom till we break a stall and leave havoc in our wake. That’s become the reality we live in.

I became so infatuated with your femininity, your beauty, and your innocence. You became infatuated with my art, my solid build, and my dark, politically incorrect sense of humor. We could be a match made in opposites heaven.

You laugh and cringe at many of the things I say. I have stopped trying to censor myself for you and I think you appreciate that. I am being myself and letting you see the ugly. I can tell that you want me more now than you did when I tried to act like a normal human being. You have stopped trying to play hard to get, but not until I made it painfully clear by ignoring you. I don’t play games with women.

I have since started appreciating you more. The spark every time we lock eyes is truly uncanny. Most would say it’s only a matter of time for us. Those who know say it’s more a matter of the stars aligning. You’re dating someone. I’m dating someone. We should be dating each other.

We both know what the other is saying; I want you so fucking bad.

In this life, the stars don’t normally align unless you play your cards just right. As much as we have evolved since the first time I gave you the “fuck me eyes”, we have so much more to do before either of us would truly consider getting together and leaving our significant others. The saddest part of all, how significant can our others be if we have so much lust for each other?

Lust…Love…They’re both four letter words. That’s about all I get from either. So, here we are, destined to stay in this infatuation purgatory. I will pass you later and give you the same shit-­eating grin I always do. You’ll give a coy little smile and flip your hair. We both know what the other is saying; I want you so fucking bad.

But, for now, I’m stuck pecking away at a keyboard and thinking about how badly I would love to corrupt you. And you’re probably thinking about how you can change me. Maybe we’re both better off living in this fantasy world we’ve created. After all, a reality together could destroy what attracts us to each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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