Donald Trump Isn’t The President We Want, But He Might Be The President We Need

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump is NOT the President that America Deserves, but he’s the one it needs right now.

If you know me well, you know that I love Batman. I’ve read the comics, watched the cartoons, cringed through George Clooney as Batman, and bowed down to Christopher Nolan’s genius. More than anything else, I love that Batman is the embodiment of the society that created him; the grit, darkness, and fear of Gotham begat a hero directly from its murky depths. Throughout history, for all the good that he has done for Gotham, they continuously hunt him, shame him, and push him to the point of death. Why? He represents the very worst parts of the city. Everything they hate about themselves, he uses to save them and that’s the most damning part.

We, as humans, rarely like to the look in the mirror and see imperfection; we want to see the incredible people that we know we are inside represented in front of our eyes. Last night, America looked in the mirror and we were finally forced to face the imperfections that we have been running from since The Great Depression. With all the talk of the America that we want to become and the hope that have for one another, we slowly forgot the America that we really are.

We forgot the America that is struggling, crumbling, and just plain mad.

These individuals have been left to their own devices for far too long by the career politicians and they finally united under a single individual: Donald J. Trump.

For all of the egregious and shocking things that he said, he took the time to go to these individuals and these communities and meet them exactly where they are. He spoke to them, welcomed them into the conversation, and empowered them. And they paid him back in spades. They sent the rest of the country, and the world, a cold and powerful message:

You can’t push us under the rug any longer.

And I agree with them.

For too long, we have been content with the status quo and not rocking the boat because it’s simply too hard. However, that is exactly how great societies fell. They fell because they avoided handling the difficult issues. They allowed discontent to fester and to consume them. Not today Satan.

We are now at an important impasse in our history, an impasse that is hard to cope with, but completely necessary to deal with. The question of what kind of society that we want to have is a difficult one and will not be solved in four, eight, or even twelve years.

However, we have an opportunity to reach out to these communities that have felt disenfranchised and bring them into the fold.

The crumbling soul of this country has a powerful voice and we need to step back and listen.

If we do not, Donald Trump will be the first of many presidents that represent the imperfections of our national soul. So, like Gotham City, we can rely on the embodiment of our darkest selves to save us or we can run that dude out of town. Today, 11/9/16, I want to work towards the latter and in four years we can deserve a president that lives up to the America that we dream about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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