I’m Slowly Learning To Have A Vision For Life

I’m slowly coming to realize what the difference is between a vision and a plan.

Perhaps you were once like me, an obsessive “planner.” You had to know every wit, way and direction, that your life was heading in.

And if you’re anything like me you would feel anxious, stressed out and on edge, if you didn’t know exactly what your life would look like down the road.

We plan for tomorrow. We plan for six months from now. We plan for a a year from now… We are constantly planning for a better future, because today just isn’t good enough.

We’re taught to constantly have a plan in life and to have it all figured out. Yet, what makes life so exciting is the fact that we don’t exactly know how it will all turn out.

We don’t know if this idea will work out, or if this relationship will be the one…

We just kind of go with it, and see where it all goes.

And that’s okay. It’s all okay.

It’s okay to be gentle with yourself and not have all the answers.

It’s okay to have goals and passions to work on, but also have no idea where it all will go.

It’s okay to be in a relationship that makes you so damn happy in this moment, but have no idea what the future has in store for it.

Because no matter how much we plan and how much we think we know, life is always unpredictable and all we can do is enjoy what we have right now.

The only thing we can do in this world is take life as it comes.

Appreciate each stepping stone, show love towards each milestone, and just enjoy our life as it comes.

Because too often, we allow the stresses and hassles of “success” and “getting somewhere” to dictate how we’re feeling in this moment right now.

So from one imperfectly flawed human to another…

Please do not make the same mistake that I’ve been making for far too long. Don’t dilute the very essence of what makes your life so incredible, because of a plan for how you think your life needs to be.

Have instead a vision, and be wide to open to receiving the outcome.

Work hard on your goals and aspirations, but also know that achieving them isn’t the answer to your happiness. You have to find that happiness before you achieve them. Otherwise, the joy you feel will always be a fleeting one tarnished by never believing you’re whole enough.

And that is no way to truly live.

A vision isn’t a plan… It’s a dream. But unlike a plan, dreams can change. A dream can evolve. It can grow into something that you never thought was a possible. A dream is constantly aligning itself with who you are and how you are growing. It isn’t constricting you to what you think you need to be. No, it is showing what you can be!

And the best part is about a vision: You have no clue how it’s going to turn out.

And well, that my friend is the best part.

Because although we may not know exactly how our lives will turn out, we can choose to enjoy each passing moment as it comes, and take joy in the fact that life is not just about achievement. But rather, about fulfilment.

I’m slowly learning… To let go, and just be. To let the cards fall as they may, and not have any clue where they will fall.

I’m slowly learning… To love every moment of life and see the beauty it in all. To feel the air on my skin, and not allow what’s external to affect what’s internal.

I’m slowly learning… To just finally start live.

A passionate Storyteller

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