Life Is Too Important To Be Spent Alone

You have a problem and there doesn’t seem to be a damned thing you can do about it — or is there? You’ve tried deleting her number from your phone, only to retrieve said number through a late-night, courageously inspired mission involving you, your phone, and its recent calls archive that just so happens to include a call you placed her direction just a few short months ago. A call, if you’re being honest, never should have been placed in the first place. A call that only seemed to serve as a lifeblood of sorts for continuing to prolong this strange, maddening, confused love affair that has you doubting its effects on your mental health as you live and breathe.

But maybe when you think about that beautiful being behind those seven digits you think something along the lines of, ‘if we meld together our streams of consciousness, look out on the vast otherwise unentertained expanse of modern day society with all of its hurts and pleasures alike, we can conquer anything right?’ Well. I’ve never bought into the romantically cheesy sayings so often splattered across Tumblr feeds, but I would say more often than not, we might just conquer a little bit more with the help, guidance, and assurance that ensues when one can count on the company of another — company that entails having someone to talk about why Tyrion Lannister is the man, or why President Bartlett from West Wing should most definitely run for office, because if we’re being honest with ourselves, he was one of the greatest presidents we as an audience could have hoped to have seen on the big screen. Someone to scream at the wall with passionate, red faced, vein-bulging enthusiasm with about how damn frustrated you are with the current proceedings in Russia and why Putin’s face should be photo-shopped onto animals/fictional creatures more often. Someone to share a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ‘Half-Baked’ ice cream with, or if you take life seriously, you both get your own pints of ice cream because, well, one does not simply eat half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Someone to shamelessly watch all the How I Met Your Mother re-runs with on a lazy Sunday, or was it a Tuesday, or maybe it was just all week?

There’s a saying from Oscar Wilde that I look at most every day, engraved on a neat little rock perched on my desk and it goes: ‘Life’s too important to be taken seriously.’ Guys, life’s too important to be spent alone with only the company of your glorious self that claims to revel in the solitude of a single life. Maybe you’re reading this as someone who is in a relationship, maybe you just got out of one or into one, maybe you hate the idea of givin’ someone out there a key to the edifice of your very soul because of all the vulnerability that’d demand. What if that person left you? Then what do you do? Well, don’t waste your time thinking about that, and don’t let it inhibit the growth of a beautiful relationship with a beautiful someone special that might enthrall you with their very being as often as they madden you with their seemingly insatiable appetite for consuming all that Netflix Watch Instantly has to offer from its extensive collection of sub-par horror movies.

So, this problem you thought you had. This problem that presented itself in the form of 7 digits that might as well be spelled out in bold, red font across the scape of your occupied mind is really not a problem at all. Let’s get daring here and say those 7 digits are a sign from some unexplainable force up above that you should maybe, just maybe, think about typing them in and giving ‘em a call because if there’s one thing you might be sure of upon the conclusion of reading this piece it’s this — life is too damn important to spend alone, and that ravishing person behind those seven digits that somehow to this day still invokes an assemblage of a butterflies from the bottom of your belly upwards is worth every laugh, giggle, smirk, tear, yell, etc. and deleting their number from your phone won’t change a thing about that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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