9 Things Every Person Dating A Vegetarian Can Relate To

Flickr / Mr.TinDC
Flickr / Mr.TinDC

So you find yourself dating a vegetarian. Or maybe you’re considering doing so. Or maybe you’re just curious of what it’s like dating someone who doesn’t know the joys of bacon. Either way, there are some things that only people who have dated a vegetarian would know.

1. It will be annoying at times

The first thing you learn dating a vegetarian is that it will be annoying at times. It doesn’t matter how much you claim to be cool with your partner’s eating habits, there will be times when the consequences just get to you. It’s not easy giving up your daily dose of meat, constantly checking if restaurants are vegetarian friendly, and always having to adapt your cooking.

2. There will be a never-ending debate about what is healthy

With two completely different eating habits, there will be a continuous debate about which alternative is the “best” one. They will cite the health benefits of vegetarianism, and you will bring up how humans were naturally evolved to eat meat. Sources will be quoted, links will be shared, and the longer the debate goes on, the more adamant you will both be in your standpoint.

3. You will question their motives for being vegetarian

No matter how much you respect their decision not to eat meat, there will come a time when you question their motives for becoming a vegetarian in the first place. You will try to prove them a hypocrite, calling them out on eating foods containing trace amounts of meat, microorganisms and bacteria (because hey, those things are alive too!), not to mention all the products containing gelatin!

4. They will make you feel guilty about eating meat

Although they might never say it outright, you will always sense a silent judging whenever you consume a delicious burger, and you just know they’re thinking about whatever poor animal had to give its life for it. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is always a slight tension in the air whenever you’re eating meat it their presence.

5. You will invariably end up trying vegetarianism

No matter how much you love meat, and how convinced you are about your place in the food chain, there will come a time when you decide to try vegetarianism. Your heart probably won’t be in it, but you will give it a try just to see what the fuzz is all about.

6. You will invariably fail when smelling bacon

But no matter how much you want to keep up a vegetarian diet for your partner, you will invariably fail the second you feel the intoxicating smell of sizzling bacon. You will tell yourself that you gave it a good shot, but ultimately, it was just too much to give up.

7. You will tempt them to try meat

Deep down, you know that their conviction is too strong, and you know that they would never just try meat spontaneously. But no matter how ridiculous it may seem, you will inevitably try to lure them in by filling the kitchen with the sweet smell of bacon, or waving a piece of meat in front of your partner, in the hopes of making them see the greatness in eating meat.

8. They will tempt you to try meat alternatives

You will see them eating it. You will see it in the stores. And they will definitely give you the speech about how it is “just like real meat”. And despite your most valiant resistance against the madness of things that try to be meat but aren’t actually meat, it will eventually end up with you poking your fork suspiciously at the lump of Quorn chicken on your plate.

9. One of you will most likely change in the end

But, at the end of the day, as much as you do love meat, you love your partner more. And whether it is you deciding to go vegetarian, or them adapting to your carnivorous ways, one of you will most likely end up changing for the other. Because sometimes, true love means giving up even the tastiest of bacon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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