Falling In Love Will Kill You (Feat. Gerard Way)

This week marks the official launch of the 3-month campaign to release my very first solo album. Operating under the name, Wrongchilde, I’m insanely thrilled to announce that my LP, Gold Blooded, will come out on August 19, 2014.

Perhaps as noteworthy as the album itself, is the fact that for the first time in my career, I’ll be actively evading the traditional record label system. I’ve watched the industry change so much, and seen so many talented bands pulverized by heartless record companies and corrupt managers. Seems like the only hope an artist has is to either partner with an energy drink conglomerate or to become a DJ and pretend to turn EQ knobs on stage.

Artistically, it feels reinvigorating to strip away all the outside noise; like I’m back in my tiny college dorm room in Illinois making music for the pure love of it again.

To celebrate the album announcement, we’re sharing a very special single today called Falling in Love Will Kill You.

Not only am I proud of this song and ardently connected to it perhaps more than any other, but I was privileged to be joined by the incredible Gerard Way.  I consider the studio session with Gerard a career highlight, and in particular, the choice we all made to defy expectations of gender stereotypes. Strangely, we couldn’t think of any other examples of dark love-song duets performed by two guys. There should definitely be more!

I hope you connect with the track as much as I do… and if you’re interested in hearing more, visit Pledge Music to download the music, pre-order the album, merchandise, and even a heart-shaped vinyl!

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