Hot Rich White Girls Need To Stop Posting Motivational Quotes

To my younger sister,

I love when you and other young models post inspirational quotes on Instagram.

“Remember to breathe.”

“Embrace your dreams.”


I can only imagine you sharing that wisdom with a starving child in Uganda: “Aw. Why are those flies on your eyes? Why is your entire family dying of Typhoid Fever? Why aren’t you embracing your dreams? We are all #blessed! You need to discover your passions and travel more!”

I blame our parents for not imparting you with even the slightest amount of perspective. Just face the fact that, by the sheerest chance, we’ve won a genetic and geographic Super Lottery in every sense of the word:  

We weren’t born into the terrors of Siberia in WW1, or into disease-annihilated India in the 1700’s. We were born in the 1990’s, to stroll comfortably through the coolest, most advanced, First-World metropolis on the planet.

You’re 18. You haven’t lived a day in your life. Your prefrontal cortex isn’t even formed yet. And now you have a β€œjob” that basically pays you to do coke and fuck photographers.
Here’s some inspiration for you: I doubt you need a framed motivational phrase to decide which skinny latte to order, and I don’t exactly think the fucking Maharishi had Ford Models in mind when he talked about higher states of consciousness.

There’s nothing wrong with being young and having fun. I’m sure one day you will overcome some significant struggle (like turning 20) and blossom into a well-rounded compassionate adult, but UNTIL THEN, let’s cool it with the Gandhi quotes, OK? 

Love, Your Big Sis. TC mark















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