10 Things You Learn About Yourself As An Aries

Shutterstock / Bestujeva_Sofya
Shutterstock / Bestujeva_Sofya

I know that I cannot be the only one who succumbs their entire day to how their horoscope said it would go. I am a sucker for the daily readings and the zodiac compatibility. I may be a bit biased here, but personally, I think Aries trumps all.

1. You don’t take what anyone thinks of you into consideration

As an Aries, you straight up don’t give a shit. Hell yeah, you’re going to wear your navy blue Chuck Taylors with your black leggings and your black sweatshirt because who’s going to stop you? Your roommate gives you the “You’re seriously going to wear… that…?” look right before you walk out the door, and your response is “Your point?” look. People of the Aries sign wake up everyday with the determination to make their own happiness. An Aries’ happiness rules over anyone’s – as it should.

2. You can see right through everyone

One of the most useful superpowers of an Aries is their ability to see the genuine (or not-so-genuine) personalities of others. You can’t be fooled. An Aries may make you think that you have deceived them, but really, you haven’t.

3. Holding back is not in the vocabulary of an Aries

The opinion of an Aries will always be voiced, wanted or unwanted. It’s not that you want to hurt someone else’s feelings because you’re one of the most caring out of all the signs. However, being blunt is just a fact of an Aries’ life. You only want the best for the people you care about, and sometimes, that means telling them what they don’t want to hear.

4. You can do life by yourself

In fact, you would almost rather go solo than with a large crowd. It isn’t that you don’t like people, you like them, but there is always solace in spending some time alone. You need space from time to time to even function at your full capability.

5. Your heart is HUGE

It’s kind of scary how big the heart of an Aries can be. You are willing to do anything for the ones who mean the most to you. You even care about the people who show carelessness toward you. When your friends need advice, you are the first phone call they make. You give the best advice, but you’re awful at taking advice from others. You like to live and learn… or something like that.

6. Love is your favorite emotion

An Aries loves to be loved. Being held a little tighter at night makes your heart melt. A phone call from your loved one makes your world go ’round. It’s a rare occurrence that you don’t want to be in love. Having a loved one makes your life more comfortable. You like having that one person always there being a constant for you. Nothing in your life is constant except for this one person.

7. You are REALLY stubborn

Although you hate to admit this, it is pretty much your way or the highway. You HAVE to be proven wrong for you to believe you are wrong. You may know the correct answer to something, but you have to try your “wrong” way first just to make 100% sure it’s wrong. You absolutely cannot listen to someone else without having your way destroyed first. After your ideas fail, you’re all ears though. There’s a positive to every negative… right?

8. Patience has never been one of your stronger suits

When you are ready for something, you are ready. You hate waiting for other people. You are always on the move, and you always want to be doing something. Sitting still is equivalent to the world ending. You are the epitome of a free spirit.

9. You know what you want in life

And I’ll be damned if you don’t go get it. In 10 years, you know exactly where you want your life to be. No one is going to stop you. Success is something an Aries needs. Not having success is having a failure for an Aries. You are a hard worker and you will do anything to achieve your goals.

10. You love yourself

No, not in that crazy, narcissistic way. You have discovered yourself. If you have yet to discover yourself, don’t worry because you will. It may have taken some time, but once found, Aries are completely content with who they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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