To The Girl Who Thought Her Best Was Not Good Enough For Him

 Tamara Bellis
Tamara Bellis

To the girl whose best was never enough. You only know loyalty, loyalty to one man, you are not a glamour girl, you are that real, dependable, hardworking and humble girl. You met him and you had all these and more to offer him. You placed his needs first, you were selfless for him, his discomfort was yours too, and to make his world a haven was your goal.

You not only gave of the physical, you were selfless with your time, you gave all your support, you made him feel like a hero, your king and your world, but somehow, some still go looking for stones when they have gems right before them.

To the girl whose best was never enough, know that the like of you is rare in world that is so fast paced, many do not have the “staying power” hence they move on to the next best thing, forgetting that beautiful things are nurtured and built, that success comes not through running away from challenges but facing them squarely.

You gave your best, but he still left, and you were left wondering if your best was enough, you wondered what more you could have done, maybe he has shattered your idea of love and you wonder how you can ever give and sacrifice so much again.

To the girl whose best would have never been enough, heal your wounds and stand tall for virtuous women are rare, raise your head up high knowing it was never about you, it was always about him. 

The undeserving will make the best of your efforts look like a mess, the right one would have cherished every single little act of love and selflessness you had to offer.

When you find out he changed because someone else was already on his mind, and that he changed while you were making a lifetime sacrifice for you both, then know you with conviction that he is truly undeserving, for indeed, it his human to be distracted by another even when we say this is who we love, this is our life partner… that man with the famously pretty wife may get distracted by a more ordinary girl and the most loyal and dedicated of wives may have a random crush on some stranger, but what is more human is remembering the one with whom we truly belong, and the one we chose and should choose every day, but he forgot that and you stopped being his priority.

To the girl whose best would have never been enough for him. He chose to follow the whims of his heart, so let him go, let him go because he is doing you a favor, he is helping you become available to that great guy who would know your worth, who will be truly deserving.

Let him go because you know it’s not enough to say “I love you” but to truly live by it, and you did.

To the girl whose best was not enough… even your average was awesome. Remain awesome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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