9 Smart Tips To Approaching Healthcare In Your 20s

About a month ago I was hospitalized, and the state of my health turned on a dime. I learned some things about general healthcare that a lot of 20 somethings may not know or be doing. When we’re young we think we’re invincible to some degree, and doctor visits are few and far between. Follow my two cents for better healthcare and a lower medical bill:

1. Set yourself up with a primary care physician immediately if you don’t have one. If anything goes wrong, you can call your doc and ask their recommended next steps on taking care of your ailments.

2. Do not go to the “doc in the box” at urgent care. It’s more expensive and they don’t know your medical history. Always go to your primary care physician.

3. Always always get that flu shot

4. Get health insurance. My week in the hospital was expensive after health insurance, but it would have been over $30,000 if I didn’t have it.

5. Never take advice from medical websites. We’re in the age of misinformation, just talk to your doctor!

6. Get your vitamin D, iron, and protein levels checked if you are feeling “off”.

7. If you are feeling sad, exercise. This is proven medicine. If you are still feeling sad, talk to a professional. This is NOT a chip to your ego, it’s taking responsibility for yourself.

8. Sleep more and drink more water. Cook at home vs eating out. What you do with your body now affects your aging process.

9. CALL YOUR MOM. She will know what to do!

Accomplishing all the things you want to do in life starts with taking care of yourself. Prioritize your body, be proactive about your future, and the rest will follow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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