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How To Tap Into Your Greatness By Living Intuitively

As I was scrolling through social media the other day, I came across the concept of “intuitive living”. Now we may have heard a lot about intuitive eating, which is eating whatever you want, whenever you want. It is about eating what makes you feel good without any outside expectations or influences. Intuitive eating creates a nurturing, boundaryless relationship with food. Why can’t we do the same with the way we live our life and nurture ourselves into doing what we want at any moment?

Intuitive living embodies the idea that we should live freely without judgement from ourselves. No overthinking, just doing. Obviously, there has to be some pragmatic reasoning as to sustain ourselves in the long run. It would not be very ideal to spend hundreds of dollars’ worth of money on a shopping spree all the time or run away to live in the forest just because you felt like it. Of course, there are still responsibilities and obligations to keep up with. However, the idea of intuitive living can logically be implemented into many parts of our lives. Intuitive living does not have to mean taking risky chances or making major life changes all the time. Intuitive living can be small. It is simply following our intuition to release things that make us feel stagnant in our energy and tap into things that bring fulfillment and inspiration as we please.

Just the other day, I had this craving to drive down to the beach. It was finals week. Naturally, I felt stressed, anxious, and overloaded with work—I just felt like I had to ground myself in some way. I thought about the idea of intuitive living, as by then this idea had been dancing around in my mind for a while. After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided I wanted to release all the stress and worry from my body and seek pleasure. I got in my car, drove down to the beach, sat down on the sand, and let the sun fill my skin with warmth. I hadn’t planned to drive down to the beach that day, but there I was watching the waves fight each other over who gets to crash down on the shore first and mindlessly running my hands through the sand.

Just like that, all the heaviness of finals week started to dissipate into the salty air.

As I was sitting on the sand, feeling the ground below support me, I wondered why I didn’t do things like this more often. I wondered why I didn’t say “to hell with it” and take more chances. I know I am still young and have so much left to experience, but I couldn’t help but be plagued with this worry of future regret. This is why the idea of intuitive living speaks deeply to me. I want to live fully and consciously. I want to nurture my soul with all kinds of new experiences, planned or not. I want to do things that feel good in the moment, not wait for when the moment is right. I want to look back and know that I always took the chance to seize the day.

The notion that we are surrounded by endless boundaries and have to constantly, without fail, live by routines is unsustainable for our own well-being. It can get depleting and dreadful going through the same motions all the time. Spontaneity feeds the soul. Change feeds the soul. Some of the best memories I have made have been a product of acting upon spontaneous impulses. When a random desire or craving pops in my head, I feed into it. Why not feed into the parts that give us pleasure and excitement whenever we want? Why can’t we listen to our intuition and do what feels good in the moment? If we are not consciously creating the life we desire, then what are we doing? By taking chances and nurturing our spontaneous-self without judgement, we create space for growth. There is so much to be found in this overwhelming yet abundant reality. There is so much that this Earth can offer us. Life is already a bumpy enough ride, might as well take every chance or spontaneous impulse you can get—you never know what may surprise you.

I believe that there is beauty in everything.

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