5 Signs You’re Going Through What’s Known As Your ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

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We all know that midlife crisis is a stage of life changing shift that occurs around the age of 40s to 60s. It’s a mixed up feelings of depression, anxiety or focused of that “change” you’ve been aiming for or the urge to turn back time.

But with what’s happening to this fast-paced world, a “midlife crisis” of sorts can now be experienced in your 20s.

1. You feel way too much pressure from academics

Some may have graduated early, some may still be on their way. The pressure of doing right, and graduating on time. The endless deadlines and coping up with balancing social life, family and academics. The pressure is never ending. It makes you want to skip everything else and go straight working and be “free”.

2. You are constantly questioning yourself

You keep on asking yourself if you’re on the right track. Is this all worth it? Will I really able to use this knowledge in the future? Do I love what I’m doing? The questions are never ending that it makes us sometimes feel like we are gasping for air to breath. We sometimes find ourselves staring blankly questioning the decisions you made.

3. You have a financial “thirst”

With all this adult shit happening so fast, one day you’ll probably wake up completely broke. You have a job but the pay is not enough for your financial needs. Maybe a search for a higher paying job will do it? But what if quitting will make you end up jobless? That would make everything worse. Your thirst for financial sustainability is at it’s peak. You think about switching careers just to provide that need. But will it be worth it?

4. Balancing everything is impossible

With all that you’ve been going through and realizing your still on your 20s, you really can’t think of a way to balance everything. You want to have fun but your budget and schedule won’t let you do so. And you just sometimes want to grab some bomb ass drink and get drunk to forget everything.

You stare blankly at the ceiling having these 3am thoughts. You realize that you were not able to enjoy school because you were too busy growing up too fast and escaping school and now you find yourself crying because you can’t turn back time. The only thing you can do now is man up and act as a responsible adult.

5. But you know things will come together in the end

You may be having continuous anxiety breakdowns or depression because you can’t take it anymore. But always remember to stand up — everyone will succeed on their own time. It may not be your time yet. And you might as well enjoy the rollercoaster of crisis while it’s still rolling. When the time is right, you will look back to everything that has happened and you will appreciate the hardships.

Goodluck on your endeavors soldier! Every time you feel like giving up, always remember to take a deep breath and relax for a while. And by meaning of “relax” go grab a beer, wine or a tub of ice cream and binge watch on your fave series. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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