This Is Who We Used To Be

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We were just two individuals that held hands one night in 2007. That was the beginning.

We were foolish teenagers that somehow thought we had found forever in each other’s eyes. Forever… funny how that word seemed unattainable. But we were in love and we were happy. And back then, nothing seemed more valuable than our promise rings.

We were those cliche high school sweethearts composed of each other’s firsts. First date, first kiss, first heartbreak. And you will always be that familiar ground, that safe place. That relationship that I would always go back to, that I will always wish to have again. Somehow, I think all the failed relationships were because I was always looking for something in them that resembles you. Maybe that’s wrong, and maybe that’s one habit that I couldn’t just shake off. But the fifteen year-old in me still hopes for that “forever” we were so eager about.

We were a team paving our way towards each other’s dreams. In a stage of our life where achievements play a huge part of getting into college, we had pushed each other to work hard for our goals. I did not miss a single basketball game of yours, and you never forgot to attend any of my recitals. You were always the proud boyfriend, and I was always the supportive girlfriend. We were each other’s greatest fan.

We were that shallow couple that argued over the most petty things. A text message that was not sent on time, a misplaced shirt that I got you for your birthday, a minute late of you arriving at the coffee shop we had baptized as our meet-up place. I still think of how you’d apologize for even the smallest thing. I can’t help but reminisce about the days you’d swallow your pride just for us to stop fighting. I still wish you can still give me a cold shoulder whenever I’m being unreasonable. Honestly,  I just really wish you were here right now.

We were blessed beyond measures. Not a day would pass by that we didn’t thank God for making our paths cross. You made me into a person that always saw good in every situation, and I turned you into someone who would love unconditionally under any circumstance. We were grateful to the universe for letting us experience love hand-in-hand.

Some days I wish I could close my eyes and go back to 2007.

Some days I wish that you could be beside me.

We may have gone our separate ways,  but my heart will always long for you. I still wanted to make it work. I still wanted to see you in my future. After all, you were my first love. No one can ever change that.

And the truth is… Babe, I’m still waiting for you to find your way back into my arms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Always a work in progress and in a relationship with words.

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