This Is Why I Broke Up With An Incredible Person (And Why I’m A Thousand Times Happier)

Jason Blackeye

I thought I was going to marry my high school boyfriend. Thank god I didn’t.

It was the longest and most intense relationship I’ve had to date. We were teenagers who were madly in love and didn’t give a damn about what anyone else said. We talked for hours under the stars about what it would be like to be together forever. Everything wasn’t always rainbow and butterflies – we obviously had our ups and our downs, but in the end we both loved each other enough to make it work.

Until it was no longer was working for us. Every relationship hits that point where you both decided to move forward together or you go your separate ways. The best option for us at that time was to move on.

Looking back now, I’m honestly glad it didn’t work out between us. I don’t mean that in a negative way either. I have nothing but respect for my ex.  

But I don’t think I would have become half the woman I am now if we were still together.

I needed to see what it was like living life on my own.

I needed to understand what being independent meant.

I needed to get uncomfortable with loneliness.

I needed to grow.

I needed to fall down – multiple times.

I needed to deepen relationships with friends.

I needed to laugh until I cried.

I needed to date a couple of douche bags.

I needed to travel the world.

I needed to dance until the early morning with my girlfriends.

I needed to make out with random strangers at two in the morning.

I needed to change jobs and then change career paths.

I needed to welcome new friends and let go of toxic ones.

I needed to spread my wings and fly far away from the comfy nest I was living in.

I thought I knew what I wanted when I was younger, but the reality is I didn’t – until now.

If didn’t go through all of those experiences (both the good and the bad), I wouldn’t be where I am now. Lord knows I wouldn’t be as strong and independent as I am now.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Find new hobbies. Meet new people. Travel to see new places. Kiss people who you may never see again. And thank your ex for it not working out. You’ll start realize you’re better off without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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