If I’m Being Honest, I Don’t Wish You Well

woman standing in front of brick wall
Remy Loz

I hope I’m filled in all the places you take him
I hope the air smells like me
I wish I could see you on the street just to have the satisfaction of turning away
Of my hands staying by my side while you wave yours
My breath kept silent when yours raises

I hope every song sings my name
And is louder than your voice

I hope your bed still feels like my body is laying there
I hope your pillow is always full because no one lays there anymore
I hope that spot on your shoulder still has my arm around it
And that part of your waist still belongs to me

I hope the part of your heart I sent back never gets back to you

I don’t hope you’re happy
I hope you’re restless
I hope you never find what you’re looking for
Because I’m always on the run Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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