The Unedited Truth About What Love Really Means

Jon Tyson

We have all been there – Falling in love. There may be different types for different people but this universal language is the only thing that is right despite the difficult times. We now live in a world where we battle through our differences. We are in a world where it is too easy to type “I love you” and not mean it at all. We wake up every morning questioning what love really is. There’s so much about Love that we quite don’t understand yet – and probably we won’t be able to understand the deepest meaning of it soon. The truth is, Love is in you. Love is when you sip that perfect cup of coffee in the morning and you feel alive afterwards. Love is getting to work early and being able to do stuff on time. Love is engaging in a conversation with your friends and knowing what’s been happening to them lately. Love is lunch time and enjoying every minute of it when it reality you only have one hour to finish it. Love is reminding your parents that you are on your way home and asking them what’s for dinner. Love is reading a good book before going to bed. Love is happily spending your free time watching movies on Netflix with your significant other or when you are just on your own enjoying a bowl of cereal. It is just around you, it is basically just in your life and you sometimes forget the tiniest significance of it because what we only know of about Love is its limits. Love has no boundaries, it has no expiration date. It is for everyone in your life – It is for you. Often times, we say we love something or someone when it makes you genuinely happy. When it makes you feel these emotions you could even explain. We all have our bad days, right? These bad days may be horrible but thinking about it, even the bad days has love in it. Love is making the mess you’ve made in a day right. Love is when you get mad for not having things your way but you still made it safe somewhere. Love is not being able to order your favorite dish in a restaurant you really like and still get to eat something new. Love is not using your car because it broke down but you managed to discover these new places just by walking home. Love is having your phone’s battery dead before the day ends but you managed to finally connect with yourself in a bit. Love is having the worst day but you survived it anyway. We never realize these things – we focus too much on a one way street. We often forget how Love itself helped us finish off strong because what we see is our weakness and never our strengths when needed to. What else is Love? Oh yes, Love is listening to our favorite music and discovering art because who isn’t up for something new, right? Love is seeing your mom and dad. Love is waking up in the morning knowing that your family is just downstairs preparing breakfast or just doing their own thing on a weekend. Love is receiving a call from your best friend on a random day and calling your other friends to remind them that you are free on weekends, planning for a get together. Love is actually on your fingertips, reachable and contagious as well. Love is – you. You are the kind of love this world needs. You are the love made into a person. Love means being alive and for that, I am thankful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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