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You could be very basic or you could be the most complicated person you know in your lifetime. But you should remember that you are unique in your own way, and that you deserve only the darn best — the cream of the crop, la crème de la crème, the best of the best.

And Sweetheart, the best needs patience and some serious pondering. And a lot of waiting.

Some of us try to just suck it in and stay in these shitty relationships that aren’t really worth all the heartache and arguments and tears. But as we get older (and hopefully, wiser), we realize that we deserve someone who has always been worth all the things we have been through and all those relationships that never worked. Not to mention, the excruciatingly long wait.

You are amazing and you know that you deserve someone as amazing as you.

Someone you can talk to.
To begin with, he should be a friend to you. Someone you can say things to, your heartaches, your victories, what happened throughout your day. He should be able to genuinely listen to all your rants and other random stuff you want to say, because sometimes, there are just too many things in your head, and it’s pretty cool to know that you have a go-to person you can talk to anytime. Someone who would listen and never judge you. Someone who hears you. Someone who’s there.

Someone who encourages you. By now, you may still be struggling with things you want to do and achieve in your life. You might occasionally feel a little stuck in life and just stop whatever you’re doing because you feel like you cannot do it anymore. You need someone who believes in you, someone who knows you can even when the whole world thinks you can’t.

Someone who laughs with you. You should be a person who loosens you up, makes you forget all about a bad day, cheers you up and makes you feel genuinely happy. It’s not really easy to find someone you actually jive with, especially in the midst of chaos.

Someone who wouldn’t leave or get tired of you. Patience is something you cannot easily find in a person. We all have our bad days and good days. We all have annoying little quirks that, somehow, appear only when we least expect them to. We get really annoying sometimes, and we need someone who won’t leave even when we are at our most unlovable state, someone who will not get tired of our repetitive questions asking them for reassurance, someone who will stay.

Someone who will fight for you.
He should be the one who chooses you now, and again, and a million times more, despite anything that other people would say or think. Because really, only the two of you would matter. And you should fight for each other no matter what.

Someone who dreams with you. Let’s face it. The future is a bit scary. Be with someone who, despite it being frightening, makes plans with you. Something you want to do in the next six months. A movie you want to watch next year. A country you want to visit one day. It’s just nice to be able to be with someone who dreams the same dreams as you.

Someone who understands you. No, this is not at all easy. You cannot tell me now that it’s easy to find a person who understands you, because it’s not. It’s one of the most difficult things in the world: to be able to find a person who understands how you feel about certain things, your thoughts about the world, emotions you never really share with a lot of people. It’s not easy, my friend, but it’s always worth it. Finding someone who understands you completely is like finding the perfect fuzzy blanket that’s warm and cozy, and you feel like you are at your most comfortable state ever.

Someone who appreciates you. Once in a while, we get a bit too cheesy and sentimental. You know how girls are. It’s nice to know there’s someone who appreciates the little things we do, how we listen to their rants about boy stuff that we don’t even understand, how we learn to cook their favorite meal because we want to impress them of our cooking skills, how we clean up after them, how we tell jokes even when we’re not in the mood just to see them smile. You know those, girl. I’m sure you do.

Someone who respects you. A relationship is a downright shitty one if there’s no respect. Both of you need to respect each other, your feelings, your decisions, your opinions. It’s quite important to have someone who will not think that your thoughts and ideas are less important than his. Respect is something that we need to give to everyone around us. And more importantly, it is something we deserve.

Someone who makes you feel important. Because you really are important. Be with a person who makes you feel loved. Words are nice, but what are they without actions? You deserve someone who makes you feel like, finally, you are worth all of this and more. You deserve attention. You deserve time. You deserve commitment. And you deserve chocolates once in a while. You’re welcome. Wink wink!

Someone who keeps his word. Be with someone you can trust fully. I know it’s difficult to do that, especially if you have been through horrible relationships in the past. But when the right person comes along, you will feel it, and you will know.

Someone who prays with you. He should be someone who shares something you believe in. You deserve a person who trusts the Lord as much as you do.

Someone you can love without bounds and loves you even more. In life, we search for someone we can share love with. Of course, there will be relationships that won’t last, and sometimes, they won’t really accept the love we want to give. You deserve someone who accepts your love fully, and loves you back as much as they can.

Life is not fair. Some people will find their perfect person earlier in life than other people. And maybe you have been waiting for a long time, and it’s starting to get tiring. Tell you what: the Universe knows that you deserve only the best, which is probably why it’s taking some time before it actually happens. Do not settle for someone just because you think you need someone NOW. Happiness does not get served to you on a platter, just like that. You deserve a boyfriend who will love you even when you are not too lovable.

You deserve a boyfriend who will say you’re beautiful even when you are on your period and you feel icky af, someone who will kiss you even when you have not showered, someone who will laugh at your joke even when everyone in the room doesn’t get it. You deserve someone who will cherish you and make you feel like he has always been the perfect puzzle piece you’ve been missing all along, someone you will be very afraid to lose.

You deserve something magical, feelings you cannot really believe existed, happiness you cannot even explain. You deserve all the butterflies in the world put together, fluttering inside your stomach, making you feel like you also want to fly. You deserve actions and not just words.

And ultimately, it’s love you truly deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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