Your Resolution For 2017 Should Be To Stop Giving A Fuck About Resolutions

Brigette Tohm
Brigette Tohm

You, see. Every time people ask what you want to do every single year, you say something like you want to lose weight, or you want to write more, or you want to travel a bit more, or finally be able to study this course or do this hobby every weekend. But the thing is, you do it the first two months of the year, and you’re back to wishing you can stick to your word.

For the year 2017, why not start letting go of these resolutions, and just try to be the person you can be proud of, someone who makes you happy. You can start small, like loving yourself a bit more, appreciating every little thing you are able to achieve. You can wake up every morning, and tell yourself how wonderful you are and how you can do so many amazing things, because you’re beautiful and smart.

You don’t have to force yourself to do something you feel like you will have a hard time doing. Okay, you want to lose the weight you just recently gained, because you feel like people are starting to judge you, they’re giving you weird glances, and you start to feel bad about yourself. Why not let go of your insecurities and love yourself as you are, curves and all. The society always sees something that can be changed in people, and if you’re smart enough to ignore these comments about how people should look, you will feel so much better about yourself, and you will no longer feel the need to drag yourself to the gym every single day even if it doesn’t make you happy. Find time to pamper yourself, start eating healthy, and stop giving fucks about what people are saying.

They’re not living your life, you are.

Some choices are hard to make, and a new year means you can start afresh, clean slate, you’re at the starting line. But that doesn’t mean you must drag yourself into doing things even if they do not make you happy. Stop criticizing yourself for being someone the society is trying to pull down just because of your flaws and the mistakes you have made in the past. Those things do not make you any smaller, they cannot make you any less important than you are, because really, you are important and you are wonderful as you are. Stop thinking that you must change because that’s what society needs.

If you must change, change because you feel that you need it for yourself.

In life, you do not need to please every single person you know or see. We cannot do that, we’re just human. All we can do is love ourselves and be kind to the people around us. We learn from our mistakes, and we grow. These mistakes do not make you inferior to others. Everyone makes mistakes, they are substantial to growth.

In 2017, we can stop trying so hard to change for the society or for other people. We need to let these resolutions go and change for ourselves instead. Resolutions are temporarily good for you, but loving yourself infinitely is the best gift you can give yourself. Start today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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