What If You Stopped Caring What Anybody Thinks?


Tell me, why would you want to be with people who treat you like shit or judge everything you do in YOUR life? That’s right, it’s YOUR life, not his, not hers, not anybody else’s.

Saying otherwise is straight up bullshit.

I know you have to care about some people – those who you call friends, those who, somehow, make you feel loved at some point. Everybody needs to feel loved. But this is what’s wrong with our society these days. People treat others like shit. The reason behind this is that these people are also treated like shit, and so, they treat other people like shit – the cycle goes on. And this is why the world is a crazy, crazy place.

But really, why are you still in unhealthy relationships that just make you go crazy(er), day in and day out? Why are you subjecting yourself to the illusion that because things change and people change, they will all change for the better? Open your eyes now and just look at what’s happening.

The whole world is telling you what to do, people are telling you that this is wrong and that is right. This will never make you happy.

Now is the time you need to learn how to think for yourself. You are wonderful in so many ways, you have to know that – and actually believe it. Fight for your beliefs and go after whatever you are passionate about. People will tell you that this will not make you happy in the long run, but really, now is the time you have to tell them they are wrong when you know they’re wrong. People will tell you how crazy it is that you are doing something just because you want to. People will laugh at you and it will hurt. But now is the time you show them that you are strong and independent enough to finally do what you love to do, and not care about whatever they are saying.

You will fail, you’re not perfect. You will fail many times, but you will get back up and do it all over again, because that’s just how you roll.

People will scare you, they will want to leave you and they will not understand. And you will have to let them go – this is when you learn to stop giving fucks. Today is the day you realize how strong of a person you really are. Fuck it, today is the day you choose your own happiness – not his, not hers, not anybody else’s. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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