7 Signs You’re A 20-Something Virgin And Loving It


You recently celebrated your 24th birthday, and you realize, wow, you still haven’t done it. You’ve had your share of men, quite a few, actually. But you managed to let them know beforehand that you want to wait for the right time. So, now you’re single, almost a quarter of a century old, and yes, a big time virgin. And here’s how we know…

1. You just stopped giving a fuck. You’ve practically endured most of everything by now. Your friends will ask you why you’re still a virgin, and you will tell them why. But they will never believe you. They will tell you that you’re being a prude and that won’t bother you anymore because you have been called a prude most of life. It doesn’t matter because you’ve stopped taking shit from other people. You know what you believe in, and you will stand by it until you know it’s the right time. After all these years of worrying about what other people are saying, you just got tired of caring and stopped.

2. And you’re happy about not giving a fuck. You just realized how life could be so much better without thinking of what other people say and think of you. Your choices are your choices, and you’re living your life according to how you want your life to be.

3. People’s reactions do not surprise you anymore. “What? You’re a virgin? Oh, hell no,” is what most of them would tell you. It wouldn’t matter, really, because it has been years since you got used to the idea that you are not one of them. That they believe in getting laid as soon as they have their thirteenth birthday, and you, you my friend, believe that patience is a virtue, and that great things come to those who wait. So really, their gasps when they learn about your virginity do not affect you as much now as it used to ages ago. I mean… So what?

4. You’re done explaining yourself. You’re not a prude, you just want your first one to be the right one, and you want to do it after he marries you. You’re so done explaining this to your pervert friends. They won’t understand anyway because, to them, waiting twenty four years (and counting) for the ‘right one’ is like waiting forever. To them, it’s like going to a desert and not get thirsty. But you’ve had your fair share of explanations here and there, and you’ve just had it with all these arguments all your life.

5. You never let anyone talk you into doing something you know you’re not ready to do. Because you will know when you’re ready. And you know you’re not. You don’t have regrets. The right one will come, and it’s going to be awesome!

6. You feel awesome about not being ready. Your friends are so worried about getting pregnant because their period is late for three days, and they’re freaking out. You, on the other hand, are dancing and drinking booze without worrying that you have a baby in your tummy.

7. You have self-control. You’ve practically said no a million times in your life. It was hard at first, but now, you’re just too awesome to even worry about disappointing other people just because you choose to say no. It took the guts to say no since you were sixteen, and it feels great to keep saying no until you’re ready. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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