6 Things I Wish My Friends Would Say To Me

image - Flickr / Natasha d.H
image – Flickr / Natasha d.H

1. You’re hot. Stop letting this stupid, bull shit idea of beauty get to you. So what if you’re 5’2 and weigh 150 lbs. You’ve got a rack most girls would kill for and an ass simply made for yoga pants. Seriously. You fucking rock it. That’s not to say you shouldn’t change anything, though. But if you do wanna get some tighter abs or lose some of the 20 year old baby fat on your cheeks, do it because YOU want to. You’re allowed to have fat days, and you’re allowed to have skinny days. You’re allowed to not like the way you look in the mirror, but when it comes down to it don’t change because someone else wants you to. I remember how you felt the night your asshole of a FWB told you that “you were looking better” and “should keep running.” Fuck him (Not literally. We’ll get to the literal fucking later). Lots of people love your body and you should too. Don’t let anything another person says change that. Only change the things you want to change, not what society or some dick named Bill thinks you should change.

2. Love more than just the way you look. Okay, so maybe your grades aren’t that great and you’re working a minimum wage job, but can we just stop to think about the fact that you’re 20 years old and have a resume stronger than some 50 year olds? Not to mention you kill it on interviews. You are one strong mother trucker. Whether its your summer internship or your part time job at some internship, you’re killing it. You’re doing you and your making things happen for yourself. Seriously. YOU ROCK.

3. PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONE DOWN. No, seriously. Put it down. Drop it. Look up, there’s a fucking beautiful and majestic world out there and you can’t see it because you’re too busy wondering if Bill or Shawn looked at your fucking snapchat story. Just fucking stop. Maybe the reason you haven’t met the guy of your dreams yet because you scared him away when you were glaring at your cell phone because Bill opened your snapchat 46 seconds ago and hasn’t responded yet. Do you realize how stupid that fucking sounds?

4. It’s gonna get better. I swear. I swear to god it is. Right now it feels like all hope is gone and you just want to nose dive right out the window and onto the train tracks but this shit is gonna pass. Why are you so busy worried about what people think of you, and why you don’t have many friends, and why you can’t land a boyfriend? The reality is you are going so many places in your life and you don’t need these people holding you back anyways. We both know you’re getting out of this damn city soon anyways, so why make goodbyes any harder? You don’t need anyone in your life who makes you feel crappy.

5. Dude, fuck whoever the fuck you want. There are some people out there who think sex is special and you should be in love, but you and I both know you are not one of those people. You like having sex, so fucking do it. Be safe, obviously. But if you only want to sleep with one guy because he has a large member and you guys work together, that’s fine. But if you want to go out every night of the week and go home with a different guy each night, that’s fine too. Don’t let the opinions of others stop you. Do what you want. The only person you could possibly hurt is yourself. Protect your heart and protect your lady business. Do those two things are you’re solid.

6. Finally, just be you. It’s okay that sometimes you’re so depressed that you can’t get out of bed for 4 days straight. And it’s okay that you had to wear long sleeves for a month because the scars on your wrist were looking ugly. You got through it that time and you’ll get through it the next time. You’re the only person that knows what’s going on in your head. Don’t get upset because people don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, either. Don’t be afraid to be too personal. If you want to tell a random stranger on the sidewalk that you have a brother in prison and your best friend was killed in Afghanistan, fucking do it. Who gives a shit? Not you, obviously or you wouldn’t fucking do it. You can be just as weird, just as clingy, just as distant, just as obsessive, just as immature, just as ignorant, just as smart, just as strong, just as passionate, and just as happy as you fucking want. It’s your fucking life. Just fucking do you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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