I Am Here And That Is Enough

Unsplash, Matthew Hamilton

I’m here to play. To feel the cool grass between my toes, walk crookedly through sand, dive headfirst into the sea, and lay on the soft earth while music washes over me. To climb, jump, spin, and go upside down. To feel my heart pumping and muscles straining and body opening. Honoring the physical experience of life.

I’m here to let go. Of doubt and shame and confusion. Of resentment, what-ifs, and the tiny stab wounds that add up to overwhelming pain. To put them in a balloon and watch them float away, or to blow them into the wind like dandelion seeds. Honoring freedom and peace.

I’m here to enjoy. To soak my body in a suds-filled tub and scrub my skin soft. To sip wine and take big juicy bites, not stopping until I’m full and content. To run when I want to and to lay on the couch with my legs propped up when I want to. To sleep deeply and wear red lipstick. To trust that I deserve to feel good. Honoring what my body and mind are asking for.

I’m here to learn. From books, from people, from getting my hands dirty, from the stars and moon. From myself. By being open and curious and hungry, and learning for the sake of learning. Never ceasing to grow and to seek. Honoring the depth and breadth of life’s wonders.

I’m here to create. Because I want to; because I need to. Because despite whether it’s inspirational art or total garbage, I cannot ignore the drive, the desire, and the duty. When a muse comes, I will welcome her in and see where she takes me. I will create because life gives me – and us all – permission to do so. Honoring the urge and the permission.

I’m here to love. To shriek with joy at the beauty of a mountain range. To feel that deep soul-to-soul connection with another person. To let myself be swept away and not worry about where the tide will take me. To be authentic and honest and open so I can be all that I am and love all that I am – and love with all that I am. To fill up with love and spill it out so it spreads all around me. Honoring the magic.

I’m here. And I will honor that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Mary Conroy Almada is a writer and yoga teacher in New York City. Read more on her blog maryconroyalmada.com

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