Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Failure Or Fear It



This has been swirling in my mind for the past 180 seconds. In other words 3 minutes. I know that, that is not a lot and I am not trying to be cheesy but every tick of that 180 seconds felt forever. This may not be the first, in fact this has crossed my mind more than a thousand times and I have evaluated, redefined, remodelled, extracted, dissected and molested the word failure more than a thousand times in my mind.

Fearing failure is not a unique problem that I have. In fact failure is a fear we all share, right next to cockroaches and spiders. If you have one beside you the emergency number is unavailable.

Ever since we were small human beings in this planet, in other words embryos, that has somehow developed into a bigger entity and became children of mother earth, we were educated to avoid failure and it was not at all hard to be taught to avoid it. Every time we step into failure, even if it was just a tiniest bit, everyone will voluntarily and willing open their arms to catch and wrap you around their arms of unloving judgments. Judgments that simply smack the living dead out of you. Judgments that are rude, nasty and most of the time, unnecessary. No wonder why many are afraid to fail.

If failing was that easy, then everybody would have done it, right? But no. Failing is straight down hard, painful, horrible, and embarrassing. Having to admit that you have failed can easily evaporate anyone’s self esteem and confidence. It takes a lot of guts to fail.

We are all taught how to be successful and to hustle, hustle, hustle. Sad part about the traditional how to be successful manual is that it teaches you how to avoid failure, when in fact not only is it a necessary ingredient to reach the trophy that you want out of life but it is your own secret ingredient.

In every failure that one makes, lies an incredible lifelong wisdom that only they will realize, for they were the only ones brave enough to jump into the process of failure in order to get the gem that was hidden in it. Failure sets anyone apart from the natural strong abilities that anyone has, and with that gives one a unique point of view as to how they see failure once they see it speeding up their way and tackles it in a perspective that only they understand.

Despite all the right success materials available on and offline that sees failure as a necessity, tackling failure will always be different to everyone. Having to get out of it has its own unique structure, just as unique as each person’s DNA and fingerprint. Most of the time it looks the same yet if you look at the very details of it, every curve, every cell, they are actually very different. And for one to see the light underneath the submerged self-esteem that has fallen on them, not only do they have to hustle and grind every day, but they have to tackle it according to their own rhythm in order for them to see the wisdom that lies beneath.

Failure is not only a necessity and an important piece of every puzzle, but it is an opportunity to create magic in making people see things that they did not even thought was, is and could be real.

The sooner we realize that failures are not something that we should avoid, the sooner we can use it as highlighters to highlight our best abilities.

The sooner we see failure as an encourager rather than an enemy, the more we can use it to help us step into the truest of us. Or I mean we can just follow the traditional way of being successful and avoid failure. Why try right if we know we’re just going to fail? Besides, the outward facade is more important right? Maybe we can just all turn 75 and realize no one really remembers anyone’s failure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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