12 Things You Only Get to Experience When You Are In A Relationship

  1. That feeling of sheer joy and excitement when you reunite with your significant other after spending time apart – whether it’s 4 months of long distance or a short business trip.
  2. Not having any better clue about your future than before you were in a relationship, but going forward knowing that you have someone supportive to get there with you.
  3. Honeymoon upgrades while on holiday.
  4. Partying with your friends with your special “I’m in a relationship confidence” that allows you to let loose and not worry about what you look like, who you’ll try to impress or whether you’ll regret not squeezing condoms into your pockets/clutch.
  5. Having someone you trust be there to challenge you in a productive way.
  6. Double the family, friends, love and Thanksgiving dinners.
  7. The glorious feeling of relief and empowerment that you are in love, committed and still a completely independent person who hasn’t lost sight of their goals.
  8. Mortifying moments when your secret habits are discovered.
  9. Relief when it’s all good afterwards.
  10. The extremely satisfying moment you can say to yourself without irony, “All the heart ache was worth it, because it helped get me to you.”
  11. A pang of anxiety over the fact that life holds no guarantees – especially when it comes to relationships, no matter how solid.
  12. Realizing you have the determination and grit necessary for building a relationship that can last. TC Mark

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