Never Allow Yourself To Be Taken For Granted

Never Allow Yourself To Be Taken For Granted
Matthew Kane

If you’re not ready to give me your all don’t even think for one second I’ll give you mine. Effort is one of the most important parts of a relationship and the absence of it shows me the kind of person you are.

I can’t give you what you want if you simply can’t do the same. A simple “Hey I’ll be busy in a while, do you mind if I just message you later?” kind of text is the least you can do. Now, I see none of that. All I see from you are blind text messages saying, “Sorry late reply I was busy,” when I know you were on your phone the moment I replied.

I hate how you’re never there for me the way I stay waiting for you. I hate how you look at me thinking, “Oh, she’ll be there anyways.” I hate how you open up to me only when I do to you.

The only thing I can say I love is the fact that I know no matter what happens, I know I’ll be there waiting for you. It’s moments when I’m alone do I realize I’m in love with you, but I cant tell if you love me, too.

With all your empty promises, it’s hard to tell whether you’ll stay or not. I hope that one day, in another life perhaps, you realize the amount of love I had for you and how you threw it away just like that.

So if you’re reading this, think about me the next time you act. Think about the laughter we had and whether or not you’re ready to throw that away.

Because I don’t think I can hold on to this rope of yours that has been pulling me in the wrong direction any longer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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