Go Out There And Let Your Heart Be Broken By Everyone

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What if loving means losing, would you dare to still love even if you knew you cannot have them?

What if leaving means you’ll regret at the end, would you still continue walking away from that person you wanted the most… the person you dreamed about and the person who means so much to you?

Would you?

What if caring for someone means losing your love for yourself, would you still care and give all your best even if it means you wake up one morning hating yourself?

What if you’ll just stop loving because it only caused you so much pain and sadness, will there be happiness in avoiding love? in living alone?

Would you?

What if saying I love you means another goodbye, would you still listen to your heart or hush it down?

What if giving everything you have to someone you love means waking up one morning watching the sunrise all alone and you ask yourself “What have I done to deserve all of this?”

What if ignoring people you love will only make you regret everything you didn’t do for the name of love?

What if protecting yourself from heartbreaks will only make you weak, will you allow yourself to get bruised that will stay forever with you?

Would you?

Everyone is afraid. Afraid of rejections and getting hurt that they forgot that getting hurt means learning from it and getting rejected means improving yourself. That our failures will not represent or describe who we are. Our failures are the reason why we are strong enough.

Don’t be afraid to let your heart be broken by everyone, it is in that way you will discover that love is the most wonderful thing that you can have while you’re living your life here in this world.

Don’t be afraid. Go out and let love come in. You will be okay. TC mark

A graphic artist and writer from Philippines.

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