Our Love Made Me A Writer


The day you left, the day you stopped reaching out to me,
was the same day all the poetry and all the literature in this world finally made sense to me.

I started reading and writing poems because the words,
they no longer felt at home in my head;
they begged me to release them and so I did.

If one day you’ll discover the treasures I’ve left in this small town,
you’ll notice that every inch and every centimeter of you matters to me.

You’ll discover that there was us in every corner of this town.

We were there, our memories are there.
So please don’t take them down.
Wear our love like your favorite t-shirt on Wednesdays.

Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself.
Because of you I found my sanctuary where I can live the rest of my life.

Our story wasn’t perfect but I will not hesitate to share it to the world.

Rediscover our old testaments and you will find me there, once again.
With the longing still in my eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

A graphic artist and writer from Philippines.

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