People May Leave, But Their Impact Will Always Remain

Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall

One day, someone will come into your life who will say nice things about you. You will hear them say words that you don’t usually hear from the people you spend most of your time with. You will go out and go on dates. They will remember the food you eat, the small talks you had, and as each day passes, you’ll start to see possibilities that you’re both going beyond the limits.

That someone will make you fall in love for the very first time. That someone will shake your ground and will make you question everything. That someone will make you feel what it’s like to have butterflies in your stomach, and that someone will be the definition of your happiness.

That someone will be the reason why you have to dress like there is always a party or event – because you don’t want to look plain and normal like you used to. That someone will hold your hand like they will never let you go and that someone will make you feel wanted and needed.

That someone will make you feel the warmth of the sun, sinking into your skin and making you feel more beautiful than you ever have.

That someone will make you realize that you don’t need anyone else. As long as there is someone who loves you – that is enough.

But, there will always be an ending to a nice movie, to a good book, to a wonderful story.

One day, someone will come into your life to change who you are and when you finally get attached to them… they will leave. That sucks, but it’s true that people come and go.

One day, you’re so special. The next day, you’re no longer.

People come to our lives but sooner or later, they all leave. What truly remains is how they have changed you.

So keep breathing. All those people who came to your life has their own purpose. Don’t give up. Always make room for guests in your heart because you can never know the impact that someone can make on your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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