12 Signs You And Your Mate Are Not Compatible

Relationships don’t have to end in shouting fights, thrown hairdryers and clothes dumped on pavement. Sometimes relationships just become “meh.” You might stay with your mate because you get along well and you’re comfortable with them. However, when the bad outweighs the good, it’s time to move on. Here are a few signs that you and your mate aren’t compatible.
DISCLAIMER: If one of the following signs is pushing your buttons, talk to your partner about it before making any drastic decisions. Often, open communication will clear up small issues up. When that doesn’t do it, then maybe it’s time to reconsider…

1. Your mate never knows how you feel.

They don’t have to be a mind reader, but having some intuition helps. Your mate should know how to comfort you.

2. You don’t talk on the phone, you only text.

Face-to-face communication is ideal, but on days when you don’t see each other, a five to ten minute phone call doesn’t hurt. And a 12-hour text conversation should not make up for not hearing each other’s voices.

3. They frequently let you down.

You thought they might learn from past moments when their actions have left you upset. But that didn’t happen. Instead, they just do the same things over and over again that leave you feeling helpless.

4. Your mate chooses their friends over you more than you’d like.

Friend time is necessary; I’m a firm believer in balance. But when they’re always the priority, then that’s not balanced either.

5. You’re more annoyed with your mate than you are happy.

Take a moment and consider when you’re actually 99.9% content with him or her. Obviously, a little conflict is a good thing; no relationship is perfect. However, if you find yourself venting to your friends about his antics on a daily basis, then you might have too much conflict.

6. The sex is good, but…

…And that’s about it! Don’t stay in a relationship solely for the physical benefits your partner has to offer. Sexual attraction is a huge part of a relationship but it’s definitely not the only part.

7. You’re more open with your BFFs than you are with your mate.

You spew your deepest and strangest thoughts to your BFFs because you know they’ll listen intently to you describing your bizarre dream last night (or at least they’ll pretend to). With your mate, you can’t do that.

8. Going off of #7: You keep things from your partner simply because you know that he or she won’t care.

When little occurrences brighten your day or dampen them, you might not mention them to your partner because your partner typically expresses little to no interest in things you have to say.

9. Your heart doesn’t beat faster when you first see your mate.

If your physical, biological reaction to him or her isn’t speaking out, then there’s no way the rest of you will.

10. You don’t go out much.

I know this is basic, but consider it. You and your mate shouldn’t solely sit on the couch and watch TV together. Relationships need variation. If you don’t go for walks, get coffee once in awhile, or even study together, you’re missing something.

11. He or she is condescending.

Your mate makes you feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about. F$%^ that. You know just as much as him or her — and probably more! Don’t ever let your mate talk down to you.

12. Your partner isn’t making you happy any more.

Simply put, but I can’t stress this enough. Free yourself from your relationship bubble and think about YOU. How do you feel when you’re around your partner? Does he or she make you a better person?

In the words of Heath Ledger circa 1999, “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it.” You deserve the best, friends. Don’t settle for what is “meh.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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