28 Unconventional Ways To Be ‘Cool’


1. Do whatever the hell you want. I mean do what you wanna do in life. If you feel you’ve been called to do something, use your talents to the fullest.

2. Be spontaneous.

3. Stand out.

4. Read a book you wouldn’t normally pick up.

5. Or at least try, for that matter.

6. Give random compliments, even if you might not know the person.

7. Set a small goal for every day.

8. Pick a day. Go visit a museum by yourself.

9. If you don’t already, read the newspaper. Online articles don’t count. Read a tangible newspaper and prop your feet up on your desk, maybe while smoking a cigar. Go ahead, feel like a dad for an hour.

10. Yes, comics count as the newspaper.

11. Take pictures. Not blurry pictures of your and your friends for Instagram. But take pictures of anything beautiful you might stumble upon, the photos might turn out pretty good.

12. Turn one of the best pictures into a canvas.

13. Dedicate a moment or two everyday to treating yourself.

14. Buy some CDs.

15. Spend a night in and watch a classic movie you’ve never seen before.

16. Learn how to do some puzzles.

17. Smile. Smile a lot.

18. Spend the day at Barnes & Noble.

19. Have a dance party by yourself.

20. Be kind.

21. Don’t be afraid to disagree.

22. If you have a projector and a white sheet, create your personal movie theater. Drink a Coke, eat popcorn, and watch your favorite movie of all time.

23. Learn some Latin.

24. Do what’s right, stay true to your gut. Who cares if people give you crap for doing the right thing? Prove them wrong.

25. Stand up for yourself.

26. Stand up for other people.

27. Love yourself.

28. Don’t follow this list. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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