21 Things Only People Who Grew Up In A Small House Understand

Flickr Kevin Dooley
Flickr Kevin Dooley

1. Being able to hear the TV throughout the entire house.

2. Not being able to buy too much stuff because you have nowhere to store it.

3. Never taking a nice, long shower because someone else in the family needs to shower, too.

4. Any moment of privacy is a cherished and precious one.

5. Limited closet space.

6. Limited space in general.

7. Sharing isn’t caring; it’s expected.

8. Even though it’s YOUR body wash, once it’s out for everyone to use, it’s not really yours anymore.

9. “Get out of the bathroom! I need to poop!” … “But I’m pooping!!”

10. Talking quietly on the phone so no one hears you.

11. Finding random places in the house designated for talking on the phone at a decent volume and getting the amount of privacy desired.

12. “OK, I can’t have more than eight people over; you guys know how small my house is!”

13. “Turn your music down!!!!!!”

14. Being home alone is awesome because you can do so many things undisturbed.

15. But it can feel overwhelming at times because you don’t know what to do with all this privacy.

16. Sleepovers with more than one person are an enormous task.

17. House often labeled as “cute” or “cozy.”

18. Going to other people’s houses and thinking it’s amazing that they have two showers.

19. Being “tight” with your family, quite literally.

20. You are an excellent sharer and have grown to become a very frugal shopper.

21. Even though nice closet space and complete privacy are luxuries others may have, you know that your small house really is your home and living anywhere else would just feel weird. TC mark

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    Dead on

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    1. With everyone involved, the whole place can be cleaned to hospital standards in one hour.
    2. Lower electric bills than the entire neighborhood.
    3. Impossible to waste money because no place to stash purchases.
    4. Ditto on ice cream.
    5. Learn to cook early in life because you can’t store giant boxes of Top Ramen from Costco anywhere.
    6. Minimal landscaping responsibilities in a postage stamp yard.
    7. Can redecorate entire house with a few cans of paint, inside or outside.
    8. If you’ve fallen and can’t get up, someone will find you before you can reach for your cellphone.
    9. Heating bill practically zero in December with the entire family sweating up the place.
    10. When someone bakes cookies, the whole joint smells like expensive vanilla aromatherapy candles for a week.
    11. You’re never out of perfume or after shave with siblings.
    12. Ditto on earrings and ties.
    13. You can get that huge mural effect in your bedroom with two posters.
    14. Moving into the cramped college dorms does not affect you psychologically.
    15. Your first crappy studio apartment feels like a spa because you get it all to yourself.
    16. Working in an office cubicle with a nattering coworker two feet away feels homey.
    17. For fun, you go to high-end furniture stores, turn over the price tags on 40-foot area rugs and laaaaaugh.
    18. A bottle of Windex lasts five years.
    19. Packing to move is a one-day affair.
    20. So is moving.
    21. Instead of psychoanalysis, you buy a package of single serving pudding cups every other month and eat them one at a time all by yourself, giggling sadistically.

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